For several generations the BIZET family has cultivated vineyards. The first vines were planted by Célestin BIZET in the 1900’s in small parcels, and cultivated with the help of his horse.

In the 50’s his son Alfred took over the reins and little by little he grew the domaine.

Thanks to the creation of the AOC Sancerre Blanc in 1936 and the AOC Sancerre rouge and rosé in 1959, the vineyards grew.

In the 1980’s Gérard (Alfred’s son) took his turn to run the business and he first began to sell the production in bottle.

The cellars were added to in 2003 with the arrival of Thibault (Gérard’s son) in the business. He had studied viticulture and winemaking, and had worked in various vineyards around France (Burgundy, Bordeaux, the Languedoc).

Since 2005 Thibault has managed the domaine along with his mother Maryline, always with passion and with quality to the fore.

Célestin BIZET
Alfred BIZET
Maryline et Thibault BIZET
Gérard BIZET
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